How to disguise hooded eyes

If you're like me you are equally blessed with hooded eyes. Of course at my age that also means lose skin as well. Honestly, I didn't even know it was a "thing" until I joined Younique. Oblivious to the mistakes I was making, I simply played with eyeshadow in a way I thought looked good.

So, what is a hooded eye? You can easily find examples with a Google search, which is what I did for these images. They are from various sites around the net.


Here you can see that the major characteristic of a hooded eye is the layer of skin from the upper lid that folds down so as to hide the "mobile" part of the lid or lower lid just above your upper lashline.

Most Asian ladies have a similar shape to their eyes, which is called Monolithic because the upper lid is more pronounced and hides the mobile lid even more than in the hooded eye.


Now, just to be clear, there is NOTHING wrong with our eyes. It's just a shape! However, some of us want to wear makeup that is more visible on the mobile lid. So, how do we do it?

There are a few different methods that can be used to achieve the desired look.

Some important things to remember:

  • Matte shadows work best!

  • Shimmers can be used sparingly and in certain areas.

  • Try using just 3 shades.

  • You want to create an upward sweeping motion at the outer corner of the eye, never downward as that would just emphasize the droopiness.

  • Easy on the heavy eyeliners. Especially, if you are more mature in age and have saggy skin versus just a hooded or monolithic lid.

  • White eyeliner can be your friend.

Step 1:

Shape and fill your eyebrows.

shape your eyebrows.jpg

Your eyebrows should line up with the lines shown here. You can see the outer corner of her eyebrows do not fill all the way to the line, but they should. She needs to draw the brows down a bit further on the outer corner to line them up with the angle

  1. choose a pigment that matches your eyebrows. Most girls with medium to a darker brown color brows can use Confident!

  2. Using the liner brush, gently wisp small amounts of pigment onto the eyebrows beginning at the inner corner, arching up to the highest point and all the way down to the outer corner.

Step 2:

White Eyeliner!

Younique offers a white precision liner in the color Pristine!

Yes, I know most people NEVER think that white liner is really good for anything and the norm is to use a heavy black liner on the lower waterline.

Let's change it up!

  1. Use your white liner to fill in the area just below your eyebrow. This helps create that highlight which is highly coveted by so many. But, just a thin, light line!

  2. Use white liner on your lower lash line! This will help create the illusion of a larger eye. Black closes up the eye.

white liner.jpeg
black eyeliner.jpg

Do you notice the difference here? The white eyeliner opens up her eyes and makes them appear larger while the black liner makes the eyes appear smaller. Either look is ok, it just depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

Step 3:

Using as few pigments as possible, three; sexy, confident, and corrupted, you begin by creating a false crease above your true crease with the medium shade.

  • apply your medium shade or Confident pigment across the mobile part of your eyelid (the part that gets covered up by the hood)

  • Locate your true crease, use a pigment brush with just a small amount of Confident on it.

  • Begin to create a false crease just above the true crease. Start at the outer corner BUT make sure you DO NOT go beyond the outer corner. Gently dab color onto the upper lid.

  • You can see in the image below that a medium shade area has been defined, this is where you will be putting the Confident or similar pigment.


  • In the above image, take note of where the upper lashes end, this is where you will create a more in depth crease using a darker pigment or Corrupted, which is a matte black.

  • It's best to use a crease brush that will allow you to slightly push the pigment into the skin.

  • After you have created your darker false crease on top of the medium shade pigment, get a blending brush and very gently sweep across the pigment to blend them together and soften the look.

  • When approaching the outer corner make sure your sweeping motions are directed upward and never downward. This will help diffuse any droopy appearance.

Please ignore the black eye liner on the lower lash line for this tutorial. But, you can see that the medium shade infused with a darker shade in the false crease line creates an illusion of a larger upper eyelid.


It's up to you if you'd like to gently sweep some of the medium shade up under the bottom lashline to create smokey eye look. It's never a bad idea to balance out the bottom this way.

Just be careful if you have dark circles or saggy skin here like I do. Too much dark color will make you appear older and tireder. Keep the shade in a nice clean line up under the lower lashes and you'll be fine!

Step 4

Curl those lashes! A nicely curled pair of lashes helps draw the attention upward, which is what you want!

Make sure to use mascara, the lack of lashes or appearance of having no lashes, enhances the droopy eye look.

Create a heavier coat of mascara toward the outer corners.

And, that's it. My method of opening up the eyes and masking hooded or droopy eyes.

If any of this is confusing, don't worry. I'll be putting up a video tutorial shortly!


You can purchase the eye pigments (sexy, confident and corrupted), 3D fiberlash mascara, pristine eye liner pencil, and the best brushes HERE

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