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Tumbler Info


1     Right now I'm not doing too many custom tumbler orders due to time and space constraints. 

I'm also limited on supplies right now. But, you could ask

2     These tumblers take a ton of time and energy. I also use only the best quality products.

Each tumbler is a completely unique creation and as such each one carries a different price tag.

To be fair, I price every single item on each tumbler rather than selling them at a set cost for cup sizes and styles. 

That being said, all cups start at $25, therefore I request a $25 non-refundable deposit per cup, before beginning the project. 

Remaining balance due prior to shipping. 

Exceptions made for Acrylic tumblers and sets.

3     Tumblers are unique pieces of art, time frame for completion is unique as well. At a minimum I spend a week on each tumbler. 

Base cup prep, sanding, base painting, 1st layer with any paints, mica's, inks, glitters. Sanding, 2nd layer with additional decorations and decals, sanding, 3rd layer could be final, may take a 4th layer! 

cups must dry a day between layers. After completion of final layer each cup requires a 72 hour cure time! Depending on project and order in line it could take 1-4 weeks. I try to give an estimate. 

4     Hand made pieces of art. You may feel bumps in some areas. Sets probably won't be an exact factory style  match. 

If I feel a piece is flawed in some way that is not artistically acceptable I will offer a discount. I try very hard to ensure this isn't the case, but things happen. 

5     I do not use copyrighted images. Nope! I'm not using sports team emblems or Disney or anything that could cause some giant company to sue my tiny self! 

6     I'm not in great health. I deal with illness on a daily basis, this means I'm not able to match or compete with those talented people mass producing similar items.

Every tumbler is a relaxation and artistic outlet for me. Every tumbler is a labor of love. I'm not trying to promote a business right now. 

So, if you still want something made by me from start to finish, you are somewhat patient with time constraints, and you want a unique gift or personal tumbler, we can chat! 

$25 non-refundable deposit due at time of order/estimate

Remaining balance and shipping due in order to ship - USPS priority flat rate

changes to design may incur higher costs and additional deposit

custom orders subject to time and supply availability

Proof image of cup prior to customized designs such as vinyl with names will be sent.

Tumblers I've done

dog mama
Lucifer 1
Lucifer 2
peacock 2
peacock 1
30 blue
Dragon wine 2
copper and purple
Fire 2
Ana's bottle green
Ana's bottle 2
Ana's 1st bottle

Tumbler Care


Each item is handmade and unique, hard to match sets 100%

There may be imperfections as this is art

Requires special care! 

Do not drop or throw at anyone if possible (I am not responsible for injuries or death)

Do not microwave, put in dishwasher or leave in a hot car

Do not soak or use chemicals

Clean with warm soapy water