Sparkles for Pups: Pitbulls

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Did you know that pitbulls are killed in shelters more than any other dog breed?

And, mixes that are mislabeled as pitbulls are also killed along with their pittie friends?

Beautiful, healthy, friendly dogs have their lives taken from them simply based on their DNA!

There is a ton of misinformation out there about this loving breed. That bad info is picked up and used by media and law enforcement to mislabel dogs who then end up as villains. A retriever mix might be mislabeled as a Pitbull and then recorded as having bitten someone.


The bite might have been very bad or it could have simply been a nip. Either way, the dog is demonized and destroyed. After the media has reported it wrongly as a Pitbull, there is nothing that can take away the collective notion that Pitbulls are vicious and should be destroyed.

And, these pups deserve better treatment from their trusted human guardians!

The Pitbull Awareness Coalition

  • Has put together information to help you and me understand the breed better!

  • Fact vs. Fiction

  • The Truth

  • Breed Information

Please be wary of sites making outrageous claims about Pitbulls and how dangerous they are. Most of their statistics (meant to dazzle you into believing their side) has been garnered from faulty information! Do your research, sort through the bad info out there and use your best judgement.

Intelligence combined with Real Information and Knowledge is a MUST in the battle against Breed Specific Legislation and Targeted Dog Genocide!


Sparkles for Pups

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