So, you might be wandering about this whole M.Y.T.H. thing going on here.

It’s me, bringing to you my life, my style and my brand. It’s about the things that I can offer you, either tangible goods or intangible ideas and inspiration. We grow stronger when we work together and put ourselves into our businesses. There is a philosophy behind every good business and mine is that offering high quality products is great, but empowering women to take back their strength is even greater. The idea of empowerment blends with business when we build each other up.

Let’s explore the meanings behind the label.

  • Myth as we know it today refers to a made up story from the past.

  • M – Master. It is within your power to control and ultimately reign over your story.

  • Y – You. This life is about being you.

  • T – Transcend. To move past a boundary, to become something greater than you are now, to be extraordinary, to meet unparalleled standards and to be perfect. (by perfect I do not mean without faults) More on this later.

  • H – History. The juxtaposition of the terms Myth and History in the same brand is no mistake. You make up the myth or story of your own true history in each and every moment moving forward by transcending the moment before it.

So, Where do my products fit into this scheme?

  • Jewelry in Candles is a new company that has grown to top performance in the direct sales industry.

Quality is key.

Representatives work together

We build each other up

We offer a solution to you.

i.Improve the quality of your environment which in turns improves your mental health that then flows over into improving your physical health.

ii.It’s about building memories, because the strongest correlation to memory is the sense of smell.

iii.It’s about providing people with fun new products and gifts at an affordable price. So you can afford to get yourself a little something, or give that unique gift to your close friends and family.

  • Chloe + Isabel

This company thrives because of the central focus: empowerment.

Women take the opportunity and run with it, controlling their futures and writing their histories!

The products are beautiful, classic, fun and trendy. Each piece undergoes specific testing after making it through the design process.

Jewelry makes a woman feel good about herself, it dresses her up for success.

When you feel good and confident, everything you do will transcend what you have ever done before!

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