How to determine your skin type/tone/undertone

Remember that dreaded orange ring around your face? You do, come on. that orange ring from the foundation you snagged as a teenager?? Yep that one. No? no orange ring huh? Well, what about when your face was three shades darker than your neck? Oh yeah, I'm talking to you! Wait, that was me. Here's the thing. It wasn't your fault. It wasn't my fault. We weren't educated, or at least not properly. I certainly wasn't. And, here's the thing, if you weren't told that foundation is meant to provide a nice even tone that matches well with your own skin and not to give you a fake tan then how would you know? So let's get to it! First, you need to understand your skin type. This helps ensure you choose the proper type of product. If you have oily skin you don't want to use a heavy cream based foundation and if you have dry skin you want to avoid powders that dry your skin out further. So, let's get to it.

  • Normal skin - is neither oily nor dry, is very well balanced with no enlarged pores and good elasticity. Normally with an even skin tone, You could use either a cream or powdered based formula

  • Dry skin - does not retain enough moisture therefore will develop expression lines far more easily. Will react to the elements i.e. sensitivity to the sun and extreme conditions. Will normally have small pores. Choose cream based formulas

I would recommend our Cream Foundation for Dry skin

Oily skin use powder foundation
  • Oily skin - produces too much oil and will look shiny. The pores will be large and blemishes and spots appear easily and frequently. Choose powder based foundation

  • For Oily skin use a powder foundation

  • Combination skin - is a combination of the above. Normally the T zone will be the oily part and either normal or dry skin on the rest of the face. Choose cream based formulas, or a liquid to powder formula

  • Sensitive skin - is very fragile and will be irritated by many products. In the sun this type of skin will burn easily and will need very good protection. Those with sensitive skin should always do a Patch Test before trying anything new.

Younique's BB Cream is very light and suitable for all skin types, but works especially well with Sensitive skin

Liquid Touch Mineral Foundation

Youniques Liquid Touch Mineral Foundation is formulated for all skin types and provides FULL coverage. It goes on liquid and turns to a silky powder. (this is my recommendation for ALL skin types)

Second: Skin Tone (the image here shows you which Younique color to choose)

  • Light - your skin is pale white and you have freckles, your skin burns easily in the sun and never tans. Your skin can damage easily.

  • Fair - your skin is white you may have freckles, your skin usually burns in the sun and you rarely tan. Your skin can damage easily.

  • Medium - your skin is white to light brown, you sometimes burn in the sun and will tan.

  • Olive - your skin is medium brown, you rarely burn in the sun and will tan easily.

  • Brown - your skin is dark brown, you very rarely burn in the sun and will tan very easily.

  • Dark- your skin is very dark brown to black, you never burn in the sun and will always tan

And Finally, the Undertone which is the most difficult for us to determine.

Turn over your hand and look at the veins in your wrist

  • If they appear more blue you probably have cool undertones

  • If they appear more green you probably have warm undertones

  • If you can not tell, its quite possible that you are neutral

You can also do the following:

Hold something silver under your chin and then hold something gold

Which do you feel looks better on you and more importantly makes you look better

  • If it's silver, you probably have cool undertones

  • If it's gold, you probably have warm undertones

  • If both make you look good, then you are neutral

If you have a cool undertone you want to choose colors on the cool side of the spectrum. For example, if you choose a pink or red color of eyeshadow, you'll want one with a blue undertone.

If you have a warm undertone you want to choose colors on the warm side which would have a peach or salmon-like undertone.

If you have a neutral undertone, you can choose any color, lucky!

Now, If you've chosen a foundation color that, according to this information, doesn't truly match your skin type, tone, and undertone, do not panic. According to this information I've been using a Warm color, when I should be using a Cool one. I've been using Velour from Younique, when I should have been using Organza. Here take a look at my "mistake"

It's really not bad at all is it. I'll continue to use Velour until I run out and then I'll order Organza. Or, I may just order it anyway :)

You can apply these methods of determining your proper shades to any brand. However, I have provided information regarding Youniuqup'es Foundation. And, in case you can't see the image above here is a list.

Cool - Light - Organza

Medium - Chiffon

Dark - Charmeuse

Warm - Light - Velour

Medium - Satin

Dark - Velvet

Neutral - Light - Scarlet

light/Medium - Taffeta

Medium/ Dark - Cashmere

Dark - Cypress

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to Contact me! If you've found this content valuable please visit me on FaceBook and share this blog. Love N' Light Aurelia

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