Relax & Refresh with Roses


Some things are simply synonymous with relaxation. A hot bath, a nice foot massage, a cool glass of wine, the scent of lavendar drifting around on a gentle breeze in the evening, and roses.

Now, I know what you're thinking. No silly girl, roses are for romance not relaxation. And, you would be right! But, did you know that rose fragrance has been used for thousands of years to help bring harmony to people's lives? Did you know that 100% pure Rose Essential Oil is even more expensive than Frankinsence? That stuff isn't cheap!

purple rose.jpg

Roses come in many different varieties and colors. I think purple and Joseph's Coat are my favorites. But, extracting the oils and fragrences from roses is complicated and takes tons of plants. Now, you can get your hands on cheap versions or moderately priced scents that aren't as pure as you might think. I won't go into the FDA regulations and problems with them, but let's just say that manufacturers and retailers can get away with calling something pure or organic under less than pure circumstances!

True, 100% pure Rose essential oils are around $250 per 5 ml. Uh huh, you read that right. Why do you think I don't have any ?? !! Now, if you're inclined to get some, I can put you in touch with an individual who has access to the real deal. Shoot me an email!

But, Rose is a highly balancing fragrance and who doesn't need that? It's also very nourishing for the skin. You can use a good quality Rose Water to help hydrate and refresh tired skin. It also acts as a toner by balancing the Ph levels. If your skin is dry or you have wrinkly and aging skin, Rose water and of course it's big sister Rose EO is perfect!

I have started using Refreshed Rose Water by Younique and can't believe I ever lived with out it! My face feels silky, soft, and moist after every spritz. Now, I'm not saying it's a miracle cure for all that ails you. I have also recently started using the Divine Moisturizer. So, between the two I have noticed a big difference. The dark circles under my eyes aren't as bad and my face has a more youthful glow to it. I'm not young, don't mistake what I'm saying here. I don't look like a 21 year old all of a sudden. But, I am noticing some very positive changes.


Some other key benefits include:

natural inflammatory

reduce redness from irritated or overheated skin


removes oil and dirt in clogged pores

prevents acne


close open pores

fragrance is a natural mood enhancer

promotes feelings of well-being



promotes better sleep

facial toner

tightens wrinkles

Now, I can't attest to all of these claims, but my skin is smoother, softer, cleaner, and less wrinkled. And, it is very relaxing! For the other benefits, you'll have to test it yourself!



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