Younique's Shy LipStain Review

I've been anxious to try the Stiff Upper Lip by Younique. I chose Shy because the color was light and I'm afraid of really dark lipcolors. I love wearing lipstick and lipgloss, but really despise getting my hair stuck in it. Even worse, 20 minutes after creating the most scrumptious pouty lips, the color wears off in uneven patterns. Within the hour all that beautiful lip stick and gloss is gone leaving just a ring of lipliner around the edges. So, lipstains sound amazing to me.

I was told a few things about lipstains. One is that they dry out your lips, you must moisturize those beauties. Another is that the stain will not stick if you have dead skin or flaky skin on your lips. And, finally I was told that to remove it you need to use petroleum jelly. So if you have an oops and get lipstain on your chin, use vaseline. As an alternative, You can try coconut oil or almond oil.

Ok, so I began to exfoliate my lips gently the day I placed the order for Shy. Well, I fully intended to anyway. Instead, I gently rubbed a toothbrush over my lips a few times.

So, here is my Shy!

noon 2 coats of shy.jpg

This is how it turned out after 2 coats at noon.

Very light, but pretty and definitely visible. I have very pale lips. It goes on wet almoste like water colors. But, it didn't drip off the applicator. I turned the tube upside down and it didn't budge, no spilling out!

afternoon nap.jpg

So here I am about to take a nap. I had a headache. Shy is still there and looking great!

shy 3 pm after a nap.jpg

After my nap! Still have Shy! Oh, and I endured many puppy kisses too, I say endured, but really I encourage it. You know I love my dogs.

5 pm with lovesick lipgloss and liner.jpg

And, here are my lips prepped for hitting the road! Shy lipstain underneath, Pompous lipliner, and Lovesick lipgloss

shy lovesick pompous and eyes.jpg

Ready to go.

Do I look angry here? Well, I was having a very bad hair day so can you blame me?

shy lovesick pompous.jpg

Out getting errands done! Lips, still looking good!

Hair, not so much.

8 pm.jpg

4 am.jpg

And at 4 am, the time of this review, you can still see remnants of Shy!

I'm pretty darn impressed! And, my lips don't feel dry at all. I was expecting major dryness, which drives me bonkers.

Tip: if you're going to use a moisturizer, don't put it on before using lipstain, it won't stick. This stuff is very thin, you won't even know it's there after it dries. Start a moisturizer routine when you order it, but just do it at night and forget about it. After you've applied your lipstain and let it dry fully, then you can top it off with some moisturizer or a nice gloss. Younique's Lucrative lipgloss have minerals and are very moisturizing.

Let it dry all the way before testing. I recommend changing up the order of your makeup routine. If you're like me, lips are almost always last. Try moisturizing face (not lips: only do that when you're not going to wear lipstain), primer, LIPSTAIN, foundations, eyes, and then your lips will be dry so it's time to line, gloss and go.

So, all in all I'm a very happy girl. I can't wait to try all the other colors!

You can order your lipstains and any other Younique products here


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