Beautiful Desert Blooms

Have you seen Sedona? Desert Cacti in bloom? They aren't all dried up as one might imagine, but rather radiant in pastel splendor.


What do you think of the Heritage Blossoms Statement necklace? Did we capture that romantic vintage trend? Dusty pastels of sandy gold over mother of pearl inlay adds just the right amount of shimmer. Semi-precious howlite and multi-colored stones mingle with antinque gold plating to bring that LBD alive. There are so many styling options available from dressed up to jeans n t-shirt.

statement necklace 118.jpg

I can't get over just how beautiful the Sedona hues are at dusk.


heritage blossom statement bracelet 58.jpg
convertible earrings 48.jpg

How gorgeous are these. Those earrings are convertible meaning you can remove the long dangles and wear just the studs!

studs from the convertible earrings.jpg

Speaking of convertibles, check out this stunning cnvertible pendant necklace!

convertible necklace 88.jpg

Wear it as shown or remove the inner layering chain, connect it to the pendant to create a long drop pendant!

pendant necklace 42.jpg

Or choose our started pendant with a price point you can't beat for the beauty!

drop earrings 34.jpg
heritage blossom statement bracelet 58.jpg

Remember the finishing touches. These beautiies are not afterthoughts! They are essentials!


Such beauty captured in dazzling stones you can hold forever! Endulge yourself in the desert!


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