Bank your Jewels!

Bank Your Jewels Now ladies!

treat you.gif

You want free stuff! You want beautiful sparkling jewels!

Hear me when I say, actually when I type, that Now is the time to bank them!

1. Semi-Annual Sale

  • 39 fabulous items are 40 - 60% off

  • one weekend only

  • your friends don't want to miss amazing savings

2. Hello, Valentine's Day

  • some guys are clueless. A toaster, really? again?

  • flowers wilt and die

  • chocolate, on the other hand, never goes away. Yep it just sits there uselessly flopping around on your thighs

  • jewelry lasts forever! Hey, our Lifetime Guarantee ensures that!

3. Palm Royale

  • Oh yes, our spring capsule collection will be released Jan 13th

  • ladies want the brand new dazzlers

4. Everybody's getting married

  • Brides need to sparkle

  • Bridesmaids needs gifts

  • Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom!


Sale + Holiday + Palm Royale + Weddings = Umlimited Sales Potential

Unlimited Sales Potential = FREE jewelry for YOU !!!

Let me hook you up! Go, Window shop Now! If you don't find one dazzling piece of jewelry that calls your name, you get 1 shot at my face with a pie pan full of ooey gooey whipped cream :)

When you do find those jammin jewels, send me a message so we can talk about how you can get them in your hot little hands through our amazing hostess rewards program.

new me.jpg


A couple quick but very important notes:

1. Please do NOT log in with Facebook on my business site!

  • I will not be able to provide you personalized service

  • I will not be able to credit funds to shelter/dog rescue

2. Instead:

  • Create a FREE account

  • Make sure you see Aurelia Ward on the left and Karen Hartfelder on the top right as your merchandiser (I know, but I had to use my formal, married name there)

  • Window shop

  • Add to your wish list (wishes are always free)

  • Add to your cart, you don't have to check out, but it makes check out smoother and faster when the sales begin.

  • Have Fun!

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