Sunlit Sahara

What better way to warm up your mind than by looking at pictures of the world’s largest desert, right? Wrong! The world’s largest desert is actually Antarctica. Yep, that’s right, the definition of a desert states that any area receiving less than 10% rainfall per year is a desert.

So, that doesn’t do much to warm us up on a frosty evening. How about we look at the world’s largest HOT desert? Now we’re talking. The Sahara, covering 10% of the African continent, hurricane level winds kick up sand storms and dust devils.

Typical images of the Sahara include men in long flowing white robes and turbans leading camels across sandy terrain in the midst of a windstorm. Camels were actually introduced in the region around 200 A.D. because they were well suited to the soft sandy landscape and lack of water.

Learn more about the Sahara Desert Here.


The Sahara is partially located in the country of Morocco, a locale that inspired a C + I line of jewelry. Brilliant colors mingle with intricate design patterns to create that unique beauty associated with exotic lands and peoples. While everyday clothing is not fashion forward in western eyes, when the women do wear their beautiful silk kaftans decked with patterns of gold, they stand out against our drab notion what to wear each morning.

Learn more about Morocco Here.


moroccan bride.jpg

These lovely Sunlit Sahara drop earrings feature soft golden hues of desert sand and shimmering clear and gold crystals. Their intricate pattern mimic lattice work found throughout the architecture of Morocco. They feature

  • worn 12k gold-plated

  • nickel-free plating

  • 0.5" approx. width

  • lever back

  • golden shadow Swarovski crystal

sunlit sahara.jpg

I love these earrings! They pair so well with many of our worn gold or crystal pieces. In the photo below our model demonstrates how well they mesh with the honeycomb necklace and our Sunset on the Seine pieces, as well as any of the Casablanca jewels. Even the Turquoise strands layering necklace mixes nicely with these little statement makers! What a perfect pair of earrings for those Isabel’s who are trying to move slowly into the Chloe-bel world.


Grab all this class, sparkle, and beauty at a great price $28 and bring a little Saharan shimmer into your life.


All jewelry in this blogpost can be found in my Boutique!

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