Winter Warmth

So, soft pastels may not be your thing, especially when you're cold and looking to warm up. I know, warm colors are bright reds and oranges, which aren't very wintery. You can reserve those for summer months and still warm up the winter with softer tones.

Marsala is the Pantone 2015 color of the year.

You might ask, "Marsala? Isn't that wine?" Yes, it certainly is and hence you may understand the coloration a bit more knowing this fact.


What makes Marsala wine so special? It's only made with Sicilian grapes!

Check out more info on Marsala wine HERE!

So, what is Pantone calling Marsala?


Beautiful and warming! Great for all skin types. Classy, Elegant, Sexy!

I completely agree with Pantone that Marsala is an amazing color deserving of it's title! Talk about a beautiful eye make-up shade or even a shimmering lipgloss!

Marasala pairs well with shades of brown, plum and wine!

Which piece of C + I Jewelry would I wear with Marsala? I'm glad you asked!

There are several, but I'm going to highlight one grouping in particular.

The Pave Paillate pieces would simply POP alongside Marsala trims, fitted pants, a purse or even just make-up!

Justice for Pave.jpg

The soft, warmth of worn gold and the sparkle of black and white pave set crystals featured in this collection create the most stunning and elegant air of sophistication.

I mean could you just die happy with this combo?

Beautiful right?

I love it!

These organic pave earrings are only $24. Pair them up with any worn gold piece or keep inline with the set by adding the single or two row matching pave necklace, and either the three row bracelet or cuff!

Another fun and dramatic option is to wear them with Marsala eye-makeup, pumps, a black low cut LBD and one of these two fantastic necklaces!


So, warm up your winter with touches of pave sparkle, soft gold and marsala. While Marsala is typically used for cooking, don't be afraid to grab some of the high end Marsala wine and give it a sip or two at your next dinner party!


All jewelry can be purchased in my Boutique!

Here is a fun image created by another C + I Merchandiser!


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