Winter Pallette

Winter Blues + Boredom?

Winter doesn't have to be a boring time of year in your closet. It's easy to let that "after the holidays," funk settle in. So many of us just want to hybernate only running out to grab some groceries wearing a heavy coat, oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants.

But, what about that moment when you feel cabin fever kicking in? You're getting antsy, Facebook is dull, the house is drab, the floors are worn thin from pacing.

So, why not gather up the girls for an evening out, grab some dinner and cocktails at a nice restaurant?

But, what to wear? You don't want to bring out the glam, but you also don't want to throw on those oversized sweats.

You can dress for the season, mix a casual look with quality fabrics, and have fun with an icey color pallette.

  • Separates: a loose sweater and fitted jeans or leggings.

  • A nice over sized coat in Black or Dark Grey!

  • Icey color pallette

winter pallete.jpg

Check out this seasonal color arrangement with a twist. Rather than the typical, shimmery ice blue, try black mixed with grey, pale pink, peach, and plum.

Celestial Frost CandI, Classic Grey Pearls, or Clear Crystal Retro-Glam pieces bring the outfit together, really drawing on the frosty sparkle of iced-over windows and snowflakes. Silver tone jewels add the extra touch of shimmer that will make you fall in love with winter again.

Remember winter? Running through the snow, catching flakes on your tongue, makeing snow angels and pelting all the boys with snowballs? It doesn't have to be boring. Have fun with an icey, sparkly color pallette that is sure to pull you out of that after the holidays, winter funk!


All jewels in this picture can be found at My Boutique!

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