Feeling the need to break out of conservativeland?

Adding a touch of extra bling to your conservative style

Since becoming a merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel, I have been surprised and even shocked at the number of ladies who prefer more refined, understated pieces of jewelry. In fact, I’m still struggling to come to terms with it. It’s hard to imagine any woman not dying to look like Cleopatra with massive statement making jewels adorning every inch of her flesh.


Or at least show off her dazzling chest with a glamorous statement necklace?

Holiday Layers

I am determined to help these lovely Isabel’s open up their lives to adding a touch of flash to their imminent class. So, if you’re conservative in the jewelry department, just hear me out for a few minutes! You might be surprised and enjoy a little added sparkle fun at the same time.


Does this picture appeal to you? Is this as sparkly as you like to get? Maybe add a matching bracelet and crystal studs set in gold tones? There’s nothing wrong with that! But, what if you want to be a tad more daring?

Try a step at a time.

  • Stick with the metallic color you like best, but add a few extra details.

Focal piece first: the necklace

For instance, the Pave initial disk “P” charm necklace adds a tiny bit of extra size to the pendant, and some additional glitz in the crystals both in the P itself and the crystal on the chain.

pave initial disk P charm with crystal.jpg

Why P? Pretty, passionate, perfect….That’s what you are!

Next: Bracelet

Keep your little gold bracelet and crystal studs for now. Or step them up as well.

dainty leather and bead bracelet.jpg

For the bracelet, consider adding a touch of fun but keeping it dainty.

This little red leather and gold tone beads bracelet is cute, tiny and adds a bit of fun!

organic link toggle bracelet.jpg

Or, stick to the gold, but add some texture and size with this Organic link toggle bracelet!

organic bangle set.jpg

Or you could stack on the bangles!

Finally: the earrings!

Start with the Sculpted metal disc studs. You’ll still be sticking close to the ears and not going crazy yet.

sculpted studs.jpg

Or you could add a little length by choosing the Organic pave disc drop earrings! A little bit of crystal sparkle won’t hurt.

organic pave disc.jpg

Or you could keep to a single gold tone but add length with these Hoops!

organic teardrop hoops.jpg

The key is to start with small changes. If you’re going to switch metallic colors, stick with the same style you’re comfortable with.

But, if you want to keep the same metal color you love and increase their style appeal, make small changes;

  • Stick to a similar size but add a little surprise element like colored leather or crystals.

  • Stick to the solid metallic, but increase size and texture!

Most importantly

Have fun! Be Creative, Be Confident + Be You!

Oh, add a little extra bling to your lovely hands!!

pave link stack ring.jpg

Find each piece in my BOUTIQUE

Drop a comment below! Send me a note, let me know what you think!


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