Accessorize your Black Wardrobe Capsule!

Accessorize your Black Capsule Wardrobe!


Black is my favorite neutral color! It’s the basis of my entire wardrobe. Now, not everyone loves black as much as I do, but we can all agree that the versatility of black is phenomenal.

If you need help building your capsule wardrobe, Here is a good place to start

Black makes the perfect base for New Year’s Eve parties!

Pair it with any metallic colors you like, but gold works best for this holiday.

Black and gold jewels, or even gold with clear crystals that imitate the bubbly champagne are perfect!

jardins du trocadero statement ring fanfare d 48.jpg

Kara Klein.jpg

Ali Levy Levin.jpg

Jennifer Dodson Sremanak 2.jpg

Once you get past New Years, these pieces are still relevant and can be paired up with so many other combinations.

Don’t be afraid to add a gold clutch purse, but consider keeping belts, scarves and pumps or boots black, especially if you have a ton of gold pop!


Have fun with your New Year's Eve style! Visit my boutique to grab fabulous jewels!

Let me know if you have any questions, need help with your order or styling choices!

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