Difficult Days

Some days are worse than others! I know you have so many things going on. Work, kids, illnesses, family problems, shopping dilemmas, car troubles, etc,.

Today is one of those days during which I simply feel worn down. I'm waiting for grades to post for my first semester in Grad School and at the same time feeling discouraged about business prospects.

When so many people are putting up holiday lights, showing off pictures of their trees and bragging about the gifts they're buying, none of that is happening at my house.

I am not feeling a holiday buzz, no gifts, no lights, no fun.

I'm not even envious of others. Rather, I just want it to go away, be done with it, get it over with and move on.

Joy? Oh that, I have it. I have it in abundance. All I need to do is look at my puppies and my heart sings. They are my loves (not excluding my family) they are my reason to keep going.


It's true that in order to succeed in a small DS business, one must find the passion first. I found mine with my dogs. I've found the reason to keep struggling through the less than successful moments. Helping shelter dogs find homes drives me onward even when i want to quit.

Of course, I LOVE jewelry and work with an amazing company!

What's your passion?

What drives you to succeed?

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