Campus Sparkles

So I'm a Grad Student. It's not that glamorous let me tell you.

It's tiring, in fact, today I fell asleep on a bench in the hallway.

Running to and from campus, from one class to Starbucks then to another class.

There are never enough hours in the day to study, finish assignments, research, feed the dogs and work a business.

But, there's always time to Sparkle!!!

Oh yeah, This girl wears jewels to campus every day. there's just something about knowing that gorgeous necklace is laying on your collar bone that makes you feel special.


I LOVE this set! The Midnight Reverie convertible necklace and drop earrings grab their attention like no other. You won't ever be able to catch their shimmer and sparkle in a picture. I have tried!

Pretty jewels add energy to my step. They make me feel more confident, like a piece of art. It's amazing how simple little tweeks such as adding the right pair of earrings or a fancy little bracelet changes a girl from feeling blah n drab, to gorgeous n fab.

Try it! Whatever it is that makes you feel worn out and tired. When you're dragging your feet, grab a pretty necklace, know you shimmer like starlight and sparkle on!

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